Streamwood pediatric dentist

Streamwood Pediatric Dentist

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There is no one single action that in and of itself will ensure the best possible oral wellness for your child. Rather, it takes a combination of attention to do so. Good nutrition is key, as is daily oral hygiene at home. However, the final piece to the puzzle is two trips per year to our office here at Healthy Smiles Dental. It is with our pediatric oral exams that early detection and treatment of cavities and gum disease takes place, along with prevention of future problems.

Our Streamwood pediatric dentist it thorough when it comes to your child’s checkups. Included is a visual inspection of his or her teeth and gums, looking for any obvious signs of concern such as loose teeth or red and irritated gum tissue. Her or his occlusion (bite) is then analyzed to determine if the jaws are properly aligned. X-rays reveal the presence of any cavities, and treating them early is vita. If they grow larger, there is more chance that your child will suffer a toothache or an infection. There is also risk of early tooth loss. Your child will also get a complete teeth cleaning. Future cavities and gum disease are less likely to arise thanks to the regular removal of hardened tartar buildup. And if there are any signs of early stage gum disease at present our Streamwood pediatric dentist can assure you that the best way to reverse those effects are with our teeth cleanings. There are few things as relieving and satisfying as finding out that the results of your child’s dental exam reveal no cavities or other issues to deal with.

Our office is happy to accommodate your busy schedule by booking an appointment for you and your child that is convenient for you. Our Streamwood pediatric dentist looks forward to seeing you both.

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