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Dentist in Streamwood
Dentist in Streamwood

Are you looking for a great family dentist? If so you will want to visit our office. Dr. Romano has been providing great family dental care to the Streamwood community for many years. So, if you are in need of an expert dentist who will safeguard the health of your family’s teeth, make an appointment to visit our dentist in Streamwood.

Dr. Romano provides outstanding care in the areas of cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry. Even with the finest dental care, there may be a time when you or a member of your family may need a dental filling. Many cavities can be prevented with sealants and fluoride treatments, and great at-home care. But sometimes cavities will simply occur despite every ones best efforts. If you do indeed have a cavity, our dentist in Streamwood will expertly fill your cavity, and use the dental filling material that is most desirable in your particular situation. It used to be that there was basically just the silver amalgam fillings available. However, today there are other dental filling materials available.

Our dentist in Streamwood will inform you of the filling material options, should you need to have a cavity filled. If a cavity is in the front of the mouth, he will most likely advise that a composite resin filling is used to provide a natural appearance. These fillings are wonderful at copying the appearance of natural teeth and cannot be observed once they are in place. However the problem with composite fillings is that they are not as strong as silver amalgam fillings. For this reason, if a cavity is toward the back of the mouth, where strong chewing takes place, Dr. Romano will recommend an amalgam filling. This may also depend on the exact location and the extent of the tooth decay. Other advantages to silver amalgam fillings is that they are more durable than composite fillings lasting up to 15 years, and they cost less than composite fillings. Composite fillings, aside from the obvious color advantages, actually bond to the tooth structure and can serve to strengthen the tooth. They can also be used to fix chipped or broken teeth. If you are in need of a comprehensive dental exam, make an appointment today to visit the office of Dr. Romano. With just a little bit of luck, you will find out that you don’t need any cavity treatment at all!

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